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Ali Waheed's sexual misconduct hearing cancelled

Lamya Abdulla
10 June 2021, MVT 13:12
Ali Waheed talking to journalists after talking to the police regarding the sexual violence misconduct allegations aimed at him: he is currently abroad for medical purposes -- Photo: Ahmed Awshan Ilyas/ Mihaaru
Lamya Abdulla
10 June 2021, MVT 13:12

The hearing scheduled for Thursday regarding former Tourism Minister Ali Waheed's sexual misconduct case in the Criminal Court has been cancelled.

Ali Waheed, currently in abroad for medical purposes, had requested to join this hearing virtually.

Media official for Prosecutor General's Office (PGO) Ahmed Shafeeu told that they have been informed about the cancellation but did not say exactly why.

Criminal Court has not provided any official statement on this matter yet.

Ali Waheed had gone abroad earlier this year for medical purposes. The four month duration he was allowed to go abroad for had ended yesterday.

He was permitted to leave after assigning his friend Ashadh Ali (Adubary) as a guarantor while assuring his return. Prosecutor General had requested to take appropriate legal steps against Ashadh should Ali Waheed not return on the date provided.

It is unclear what decision Criminal Court will take regarding Ali Waheed's request to join the hearing online so far.

The accusations that were sent to prosecution against Ali Waheed include two counts of sexual violence, attempts at sexual violence, attempted rape, exposing sexual parts of oneself, and requesting sexual relationships on two different occasions. If he is found guilty on all of these accusations, he would a jail sentence that is at least 21 years long.