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Moon sighting for Ramadan on March 10

Moon sighting for Ramadan is scheduled to be held on March 10.

Mariyath Mohamed
25 February 2024, MVT 18:27
Mariyath Mohamed
25 February 2024, MVT 18:27

Department of Judicial Administration (DJA) has announced that moon sighting for the upcoming month of Ramadan will be carried out on March 10.

A statement released by DJA today stated that the administration, island courts, island council offices and atoll council offices will remain open from 17:30 pm onwards from Sunday, March 10, until a decision is reached regarding the sighting of the moon for Ramadan.

The DJA said that, like previous years, if any individual sights the moon, if the individual is in Male', they must provide a statement in front of a judge in a Male' court. If the individual is in another island, they must provide a statement in the island's magistrate court. In the instance that the island in question does not have a magistrate court, they must provide the statement in front of the person in charge of running the island's Council Offices at the given time.

DJA said that the costs of travelling to and from court to provide the statement will be borne by the State.

DJA said that in the case of having sighted the moon, the individual must provide important information such as the height and direction of the moon in their statement.

As per the calendar, the first day of Ramadan this year falls on March 11.

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