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Court resumes trials of 12 'trespassing' lawmakers

Nafaahath Ibrahim
15 May 2018, MVT 08:20
Nafaahath Ibrahim
15 May 2018, MVT 08:20

The state has again commenced the cases against 12 opposition parliamentarians over 'trespassing' at the parliament house, and some of them have been summoned to court.

The 12 MPs are charged with obstructing the duties of law enforcement officers after the incident where they forcibly entered the parliament grounds despite the army barring the entrances. The incident occurred after pro-government lawmakers put a halt to the opposition's bid to impeach the parliament speaker last year.

After the trials in the Criminal Court were halted for a while, MP Ali Hussain's trial recommenced on Sunday. He was granted two days to appointed a lawyer.

According to MPs Mohamed Aslam and Abdulla Shahid, they have been summoned to court on May 15, 10 a.m.

Former president Mohamed Nasheed has expressed concerns over the renewal of the cases against the opposition parliamentarians. He tweeted saying that "the ongoing political persecution of opposition members must stop in order for free and fair elections to take place."

If convicted, the parliamentarians face up to four months and 24 days of incarceration.