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Burn victim removed from ventilator, health is improving: IGMH

Lamya Abdulla
21 November 2022, MVT 12:29
(FILE) Fire and Rescue on scene at Maafannu Nirufehion November 10: the burn victim had been moved from the ICU to the wards -- Photo: Fayaz Moosa
Lamya Abdulla
21 November 2022, MVT 12:29

Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) said on Sunday that the condition of the burn victim from the fire accident earlier this month is improving.

The fire accident during the early hours of Thursday, November 10, in Maafannu Nirufehi, lead to the death of ten expatriate workers, eight Indians and two Bangladeshis. Their bodies have now been returned to their countries.

An IGMH media official confirmed to Mihaaru News that the Bangladeshi burn victim they had been treating in ICU has now been taken off the ventilator, and changed to the general ward.

Their health was improving, according to the media official.

Some of the burn victims had suffered severe burns that it was difficult to identify their gender or identities.

The fire started in the garage on the ground floor of the house. The upper floors of the house was used as accommodation blocks for expatriate workers in Male'. Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi, and Indian workers lived in the building.

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