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Speaker Nasheed back at work after 5 months

Lamya Abdulla
12 October 2021, MVT 13:18
Speaker Nasheed participating in a parliament session on October 12, 2021-- Photo: Parliament
Lamya Abdulla
12 October 2021, MVT 13:18

Former President and Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed returns to Maldives five months in abroad after the assassination attempt on his life in May, and rejoins the parliament session as the Speaker on Tuesday.

He returned to Maldives on Monday. Nasheed left to Germany initially on May 13, a week after he was attacked on May 6. After spending a month there, Nasheed had gown UK for medical treatment and he had had stayed there for rehabilitation.

Nasheed had returned to the parliament after 150 days of absence. He thanked Vice Speaker Eva Abdulla and parliament members for ensuring the work kept going even in his absence.

Parliamentary Committee on National Security Services (241 Committee) had completed an inquiry on the attack on Nasheed as well. They had concluded there were several gaps in his security and made several recommendations to improve it as well. They are monitoring security authorities to ensure whether these changes are being implemented.

There are ongoing trials at the moment regarding the people that planned and carried out the attack on Nasheed.

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