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Imports, exports increased by 7 percent in November: Customs

Ahmed Aiham
12 December 2018, MVT 09:51
Containers at the Male' Commercial Harbour. PHOTO: NISHAN ALI/MIHAARU
Ahmed Aiham
12 December 2018, MVT 09:51

Maldives Customs Service revealed that import and exports have increased by seven percent for the month of November.

The statistics released by Customs noted MVR 3.1 billion worth of goods being imported in November 2017, compared to the goods worth MVR 3.3 billion imported in November this year.

Statistics show that revenue from import duty and other fees, including oil products, had spiked by 2.23 percent for the month of November compared to November, last year. Import duty in November 2017 was MVR 225.3 million while a sum of MVR 261 million was obtained as revenue for the year 2018.

Furthermore, the report reveals that exports worth MVR 280.3 million were recorded for the month of November 2017, as well as noting MVR 406.8 million in exports for November 2018.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the largest exporter for the Maldives in the year 2017, with over 17 percent of total imported goods originating from the UAE, second to China, which constitutes 14 percent of total imports, while 11 percent of imports are from Ireland.

Thailand is the largest importer of Maldivian goods, having imported 48.2 percent of Maldives' exports in November, followed by Germany with 10.3 percent and United Kingdom with 7.5 percent. Additionally, France imported 6.6 percent of Maldivian exports.

The main export of Maldives is raw fish and fish-based products.

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