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Azmeen was given remuneration according to his work: PSM

PSM has refuted the claims that former sports journalist Azmeen was given payments outside the policies and guidelines, stating that the MVR 40,000 deposited to him was remuneration for previous services to the company.

Aishath Shuba Solih
17 June 2024, MVT 13:48
Former sports journalist, Abdulla Azmeen speaking at the 'Save FAM' campaign in 2023. -- Photo: Nishan Ali / Mihaaru News
Aishath Shuba Solih
17 June 2024, MVT 13:48

State media, PSM has declared that the former sports journalist, Abdulla Azmeen was reimbursed accordingly with his services to the media outlet following social media outcry over his stipend.

PSM has been refuting the widespread allegations on social media that the MVR 40,000 offered to Azmeen by PSM was in violation of policies and guidelines.

Managing Director of PSM, Zeena Zahir stated yesterday that the MVR 40,000 deposited into Azmeen's account earlier in June was remuneration for his work in compiling a magazine featuring coverage of the World Cup held in 2018.

Moreover, Azmeen had also prepared a magazine for the SAFF Championships held in 2018, for which he was agreed a remuneration of MVR 10,000. He had assumed both work in agreement of a total remuneration of MVR 50,000, including the MVR 40,000 for the World Cup magazine.

"When we assumed control of PSM, many payments were pending to a lot of people. When [we] began reviewing Ramadan programs for this year, payments were unsettled including the 2023 Quran competition. This year's Ramadan programs were hosted after settling such [previously] overdue payments," said Zeena.

She added that during the company's search for analysts and writers for the ongoing Euro Football Championships, cases of pending reimbursement overdue for those involved had also surfaced.

Managing Director of PSM, Zeena Zahir.

Zeena stated that this was when the company came to the knowledge of previous dues owed to Azmeen.

"As the due payments were for work performed in 2018, the MVR 40,000 was reimbursed within the money owed to Azmeen after obtaining written consultations from the lawyer and the Head of Marketing Department," explained the Managing Director.

Zeena stressed that she has never indulged in actions that violate policies and guidelines. She added that overdue reimbursements for multiple parties worth MVR 12 million has been disbursed accordingly since the current board assumed control of PSM.

Zeena had also refuted the claims that no documents were analyzed in settling dues owed to Azmeen.

She said that it is clear he was the one who compiled the book for the 2018 World Cup and revealed that he was credited for his work in preparing the magazine in the magazine itself which featured a special thank you note to Azmeen under PSM's name.

Former sports journalist, Azmeen currently serves at the President's Office. Although he has stepped away from sports journalism, Azmeen still works as a sports analyst from time to time.

He has also participated in PSM's coverage of the ongoing European Football Championships 2024 as an analyst as well.