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Council orders fixing of pipes on buildings leaking water onto streets

Male' City Council had begun ordering repairs at buildings where there are pipes leaking water onto the the city streets which includes AC units and building gutters facing outdoors.

Aishath Shuba Solih
15 May 2024, MVT 10:19
A road in Male' City.
Aishath Shuba Solih
15 May 2024, MVT 10:19

Male' City Council has begun ordering fixing of pipes on buildings dripping water onto the streets of Male' City.

While the issue of water leakage onto the city streets from gutters affixed onto roofs and outdoor air conditioner units facing the streets has remained unresolved for a long time, this has now become a common feature in the streets of Male'.

However, Spokesperson for the Council, Aminath Shathufa shared with Mihaaru News that efforts to resolve this long-standing issue has now begun.

"We are ordering the owners of the houses registered at the Council. If the owner is unreachable, the apartment leaking water onto the street is inspected and tenants are spoken to. They are told to inform owners of this," she said.

She elaborated that the features urged by the council to undergo reformation include AC outdoor units leaking water onto the streets, preventing redirection of accumulated water from terraces onto the streets and prevention of discarding laundry water onto the streets.

"Will order every feature that redirects water onto the streets to be improved. Every single thing," she assured.

The Council revealed that 30 premises that leaks water onto the city streets have been identified this month and affirmed these locations have been ordered to fix the issue.

Former Mayor of the City Council, Shifa Mohamed, had also declared in 2019 that complaints over premises leaking water onto the city streets had increased and that investigations were ensuing into the issue. However, the problem remains unresolved till present.

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