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Maldives will see a full solar eclipse in 2053 in Noonu Velidhoo

This is a translation of a article by Niumathullah Idrees, Mihaaru.

Uzma Naseem
10 April 2024, MVT 10:42
Full solar eclipse experienced in United States yesterday. The Maldives will see a full solar eclipse in 2053. -- Photo: AFP
Uzma Naseem
10 April 2024, MVT 10:42

A full solar eclipse was seen in North America yesterday and some people thought the Maldives might see it as well. From Mexico to Canada, yesterday was a special day because such a phenomenon will not occur again for the next 20 years.

The Maldives is set to experience a solar eclipse on 2nd August, 2027. However, it will not be a full eclipse. The eclipse will begin in Male’ at 15:29 PM and will last for two hours. The partial eclipse will end around 17:29 PM. The peak of the eclipse will occur at 16:32 PM.

The next eclipse will take place on 22nd July 2028 and it will be a very small eclipse. The eclipse will start at 05:38 AM before sunrise. The sun will appear in the sky 06:02 AM, however, from the left side, it will be slightly darker due to the eclipse.

The eclipse will be at its maximum visibility at 06:19 AM. The duration of the eclipse will be 1 hour and 3 minutes and it will end at 07:05 AM.

Full solar eclipse in 2053

The Maldives will witness its next solar eclipse on 12th September, 2053. The eclipse will not be fully visible in Male’, as approximately 96 percent of the sun will be covered. However, in some areas, the eclipse can cover 99 percent of the sun.

Looking at the path of the eclipse, it can be fully visible in Noonu atoll, particularly in Noonu Velidhoo. The eclipse will be witnessed in the Maldives at 11:51 AM and it will end at 17:13 PM. Its peak visibility will occur at 14:32 PM.

The full solar eclipse will last only three minutes and seven seconds. The full solar eclipse will be visible in the following countries

- Algeria

- Egypt

- Gibraltar

- Indonesia

- Libya

- Morocco

- Saudi Arabia

- Spain

- Tunisia

- Yemen

The last eclipse observed in the Maldives took place on 15th January, 2010, during the afternoon. It was during Friday prayers. It was a ‘ring of fire’ or ‘ring’ eclipse. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon enters between the sun and the earth.

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