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108 vehicles removed from Male', Hulhumale' Streets

In a bid to reduce traffic congestion, 108 unused vehicles have been removed from the streets of Male' and Hulhumale'.

Mariyath Mohamed
26 February 2024, MVT 09:31
Work ongoing to remove unused vehicles from the streets.
Mariyath Mohamed
26 February 2024, MVT 09:31

As work proceeds to remove unused vehicles parked on the streets on the Greater Male' area in efforts to reduce traffic congestion, the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation has announced that, to date, a total of 108 such vehicles have been removed.

According the to the Transport Ministry, last week alone, 52 vehicles were removed. They said that the intention in carrying out this program is to strengthen road safety measures, and to minimize road congestion and risks of accidents and similar incidents.

The program is designed to be conducted in two phases.

Phase One:

- Remove parts of unused vehicles left on the streets

- Open up the opportunity for those who want to voluntarily destroy their unused old vehicles

- Tow vehicles that have been left for prolonged periods

- Remove unregistered vehicles left on the streets

Details of the second phase of the program are yet to be announced.

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