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Three charged in Naeema murder case

Mariyath Mohamed
30 November 2023, MVT 14:06
Suspects charged in Naeema's murder case; Ahzam (L), Rifas (C) and Favaz (R).
Mariyath Mohamed
30 November 2023, MVT 14:06

The Prosecutor General has charged the three accused in the murder of Naeema Moosa in Noonu Atoll Manadhoo on April 7.

In a press conference held today, Prosecutor General (PG) Hussain Shameem announced that these charges have been raised.

The accused are Ahzam AbduShukoor, 23, Abdul Wahid Rifaas, 20, and Hassan Favaz, 21.

PG Shameem said the three are charged with committing murder with a sharp object, obstructing justice and abuse of a dead body.

"Obstruction to justice charges apply for their act to burn the weapon and other objects used in the murder of Naeema, for destroying evidence," the PG said.

"Abuse of a dead body charges are placed as they locked the front door of the house when they left after committing the murder, resulting in the family not discovering the body or the crime until 40 hours later."

Shameem revealed that Azham AbduShukoor and Abdul Wahid Rifaas are active participants in the murder of Naeema.

He said that the State has obtained scientific evidence, including DNA evidence, related to the case. He expressed confidence that the State will be able to convict all three based on the evidence they have gathered.

Police have previously shared that they discovered the weapons used and the clothes worn by perpetrators during the attack buried on the beach in Manadhoo.

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