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Dedicated lanes for bicycles and bus in Hulhumalé

Malika Shahid
28 November 2022, MVT 15:27
A plan showing the change in Hulhumale' traffic -- Photo: HDC
Malika Shahid
28 November 2022, MVT 15:27

A major change in traffic on the roads of Hulhumalé has been decided with the incorporation of a special lane for bicycles and buses on major roads.

A statement by Hulhumalé Development Corporation (HDC) on Monday said the changes are part of a 2015 master plan to provide easy transportation for residents and visitors to the island.

HDC is currently drawing lanes on Nirolhu Magu and other roads in Hulhumalé.

According to the HDC, the main streets of Hulhumalé are 13.2 meters wide. Therefore, five lanes will be drawn up on the roads, including:

- A dedicated lane for buses

-A dedicated lane for bicycles

- Three lanes for motorbikes, cars and other four-wheelers

“This is a very important step towards bringing the roads of Hulhumalé to international standards and to solve the traffic problem due to the increasing population of the island,” the statement said.

Under the road conversion plan, lanes have now been drawn on Nirolhu magu and the road around Central Park in Hulhumalé.

HDC said that with this change, vehicles will not be allowed to park on Nirolhu Magu. However, parking areas will be provided near flats and houses on that road.

A plan showing the change in Hulhumale' traffic -- Photo: HDC

Dedicated lane for bicycles

According to the HDC, the main objective of designating a bicycle lane in Hulhumalé is to ensure that bicycles can be driven on one side of the road without getting in the way of other speeding vehicles.

The bicycle lane is being drawn in blue.

With these changes, directional arrows will be placed on the road to make it easier for pedestrians.

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