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Alarming surge in dengue fever cases

Mohamed Rehan
06 October 2022, MVT 11:37
Cases of dengue fever surged significantly in 2022 reports HPA--
Mohamed Rehan
06 October 2022, MVT 11:37

Health Protection Agency (HPA) warns cases of dengue fever in 2022 has surged comparatively higher than corresponding period last year.

The authority confirms nine dengue fever cases reported in August 2021, and another eight in September. However, the figures have spiked in the corresponding period this year.

HPA claims a total of 268 cases of dengue fever were reported in August 2022, while the cases in September of the current year rose to 229 compared to the same month in 2021. The authority has advised public to practice extreme caution against dengue fever, and control mosquitoes.

The authority further provided instructions to counter the fever, which include usage of mosquito repellants and anti-mosquito lotion, protecting households from mosquito entry, and draining surfaces or containers with stagnant water.

In case of contracting the disease, the infected are advised to increase rest and intake a lot of fluids - especially healthy and nutritious drinks. Additionally, HPA advises acquiring relevant medication to control bodily fever.

Apart from a surge in dengue fever, cases of common cold spiked significantly this year. According to HPA, cases of common cold were recorded between 12,000 and 18,000 from August to September in 2021, while total cases for August 2022 stood at 25,713 and in September the cases rose to 33,584 compared to the same month last year.

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