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Police: Shiaau's autopsy underway

Malika Shahid
08 August 2022, MVT 12:23
Chief Superintendent of Police Hassan Shifau (L) during the Police conference on Mariyam Shiau Saeed Murder case -- Photo: Fayaaz Moosa
Malika Shahid
08 August 2022, MVT 12:23

Police have decided to conduct an autopsy on Shiaau Mohamed Saeed, who was found brutally murdered in Henveiru Sheereenvilla.

Speaking at a press conference held last evening to provide information on the murder, Chief Superintendent of Police Hassan Shifau said an autopsy is underway to investigate the cause of death of the 22 year old.

Police have decided not to give details of the inhuman abuses committed against Shiaau.

"While the victim has been subjected to inhuman abuses in the case, I do not intend at this time to disclose details regarding the injuries. The reason for this is that it will have a profound impact on the family of the deceased and we have taken this decision respecting the family's request request," shifau said.

A woman's murder was reported to the police at 11:30 on Saturday, August 6. Police attended to the crime scene within five minutes and arrested 22 year old skater, Ali Shahil from the premises.

Shahil was arrested and taken away in a hazmat suit. It is believed that the step was taken to protect evidence as he had blood on him.

He was summoned to the Criminal Court to make a decision on his remand and was ordered to be detained until the end of his trial.

It is speculated that Shiaau was attacked after 9 pm on the night of the incident. However, the information will be confirmed once the autopsy results are received.

Shifau said that the police had found the potential murder weapons believed to have been used to attacked Shiaau from the crime scene. He said that efforts are also underway to find more evidence from the scene.