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'Red Bull Switch Up' makes its debut in Maldives

Jaah Ziyad
19 November 2018, MVT 12:55
During a game of Red Bull Switch Up. PHOTO: Leo Francis / Red Bull Content Pool
Jaah Ziyad
19 November 2018, MVT 12:55

Red Bull announced the debut of 'Red Bull Switch Up' in the Maldives, a fast-flowing netball tournament introducing players to a new adaptation of the game.

The one-day event will showcase the country’s finest netballers go head-to-head in a unique tournament in reclaimed suburb Hulhumale’s Youth Park, on December 8 from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

In a press release, the company stated that Red Bull Switch Up’s success in the UK has led it to going global in 2018, with participation from South Africa and New Zealand as well as the Maldives.

Described as the ultimate netball tournament, Red Ball Switch Up is a mass participatory, all-female event that breaks netball tradition by championing the ‘all round player’.

With key differences from standard netball, including the game being played over half a regular court and players being able to shoot from outside the D, Red Bull Switch Up encourages riskier shots and more exciting play.

Games are 10 minutes long with two 5-minute halves, and feature two teams of four players on a half court with one goal. All players are allowed to shoot, and goals are scored a single point under the post, two points inside the small shooting circle, and three points outside the shooting circle.

Red Bull stated that the game tests the versatility of the players and challenges netballers to play differently, focusing on speed, skill and risk taking. If a team loses possession, the opposing team will switch from defenders to attackers.

Red Bull Switch Up is open for netballers of all abilities, and must be minimum of 16 years old to participate. Only two national netball squad players are allowed on each team.