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Soneva Fushi hosts first surfing competition for Baa Atoll surfers

Ahmed Aiham
05 September 2018, MVT 08:45
The winners of Soneva Surf Pro pose with their prizes. PHOTO/SONEVA FUSHI
Ahmed Aiham
05 September 2018, MVT 08:45

Soneva Fushi organized the first ever surfing competition ‘Soneva Surf Pro’ for surfers of Baa Atoll on September 1, 2018.

Held in the island of Goidhoo, over 40 surfers participated in the competition across three divisions. The competition was judged by surfing legend Ismail Miglal (Kuda Issey) and Troy Huggett, the operations manager of The Perfect Wave Maldives.

Regarding the event, the community engagement manager of Soneva Fushi, Ahmed Moomin said, “Soneva Surf Pro is a part of the Soneva Ocean Stewards (SOS) programme. SOS includes learning to swim, swimming competitions, water sports festivals, learning to surf and now surf competitions. With these programs, we aim to get more young Maldivians enjoying the ocean around them and we hope to inspire them to be the next generation of ocean protectors.”

A surfer competes at the first ever Soneva Surf Pro held in B.Goidhoo. PHOTO/SONEVA FUSHI

After an exciting day of competitions, the champions were:


- Over 18: Mohamed Samah, 18, from Eydhafushi

- Under 18: Ahmed Zain, 17, from Goidhoo


– Ibrahim Zain, 15, from Eydhafushi

Haisham Latheef, 14, from Fehendhoo was awarded the title of most promising surfer.

A bodyboarder competes at the first ever Soneva Surf Pro held in B.Goidhoo. PHOTO/SONEVA FUSHI

The winners were awarded prizes including eco-friendly Firewire eco surfboards, Hotbuttered cork bodyboard, Revolwe surf leashes, Bureo fins, Kelly Slater design traction pads, Manda sunscreen and Matunas surf wax.

“I was really happy to see so many young talented surfers and bodyboarders at the Soneva Surf Pro. Really appreciate Soneva organizing this and I am also very happy to be given the chance to be a judge here. I have travelled all over the Maldives for surfing, but these Baa Atoll surfers are the most talented and committed I have seen anywhere,” said Kuda Issey.

Participants of the first ever Soneva Surf Pro held at B.Goidhoo. PHOTO/SONEVA FUSHI

Speaking about the event, the Surf Experience Manager at Soneva Fushi, Sunny Yang, said, “The purpose of Soneva Surf Pro is to bring together surfers from different islands to connect with another and create a healthy and positive competitive spirit. All surfers and bodyboarders were invited to participate because we want to support surfers and bodyboarders of all levels and age.”