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National football team hires fitness coach

07 August 2018, MVT 14:13
Maldives National Football team practices for SAFF SUZUKI CUP 2018
07 August 2018, MVT 14:13

Vladimir Krunić appointed as the fitness coach for the national football team of Maldives.

Armed with extensive experience coaching a multitude of European football clubs, Montenegro’s Vladimir Krunic has been appointed as the fitness trainer for the National Football Team of Maldives.

Krunic is a licensed physical fitness trainer and coach, who has personally trained multiple European footballers, including two players from his home nation, Stevan Jovetić and Stefan Savić.

The last club he trained is Borneo FC, an Indonesian first division football club.

Krunić had previously worked with the current head coach of the national team Peter Segrt and assistant coach, Gela Shekiladze when the three coached the national team of Afghanistan towards its most successful year to date.

Segrt, since his appointment, has coached two playoffs with the national team. He has urged the need for players to step up their fitness in order to play a pressing game of football.

Furthermore, Segrt has expressed concerns over hosting practice sessions at the turf ground instead of at the Galolhu National Stadium.

A squad of 27 select players will travel to Qatar for a training camp on August 13, 2018. Following the camp, a final squad comprising of 20 footballers will fly directly from Qatar, arriving at Bangladesh to contest in the SAFF championship.

Maldives is set to face India and Srilanka in the SAFF championship. The SAFF Suzuki Cup will run through September 4 to 15, 2018.