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MBBA concludes 'National Bandufilaa Challenge 2019', Kuda Ayya, Reeshan champions

Ahmed Aiham
23 December 2019, MVT 15:46
Winners of Maldives Bodyboarding Association (MBBA)'s 'Bandufilaa Challenge'. (L-R) Inash Naeem, Mohamed Reeshan, Ahfan, Ali Khushruwan, Ali Aanim and Ahmed Nazmeen. PHOTO: MALDIVES BODYBOARDING ASSOCIATION
Ahmed Aiham
23 December 2019, MVT 15:46

Maldives Bodyboarding Association (MBBA) on Saturday, concluded its competition titled 'National Bandufilaa Challenge 2019', crowning Ali Khushruwan (Kuda Ayya) and Mohamed Reeshan as the Men's Prone Division Champion and Men's Junior Prone Division respectively.

The closing ceremony was attended by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Men's Prone Division winners;

1. Ali Khushruwan - First place

2. Ali Aanim - Second place

3. Ahmed Nazmeen - Third place

Men's Junior Prone Division winners;

1. Mohamed Reeshan - First place

2. Ahnaf Mohamed Thasnym - Second Place

3. Inash Naeem - Third Place

With the registration of 41 bodyboarders, the event was one of MBBA's most diverse competitions held to date, where surfers from 11 islands and 9 atolls across the archipelago took part in the contest.

The event saw the introduction of MBBA's first junior division with the participation of 16 youth athletes, the youngest being 14-year-old Ibrahim Athoof hailing from Lhohi, Noonu Atoll.

According to MBBA, national rankings will be formulated through the competition results and that a national squad would be announced shortly.

Half Court Maldives broadcasted the event live on social media platforms.

Although surfing remains comparatively underfunded in Maldives, the sport continues to bring in numerous top level accomplishments in international competitions.

Surfing is an important sector within the tourism industry and the only sport that generates such revenue for the country.