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President Solih attends Milan Cricket Awards Night 2019

Nafaahath Ibrahim
14 October 2019, MVT 19:41
President Solih taking part in the Milan Cricket Award Night 2019. PHOTO: PRESIDENT'S OFFICE
Nafaahath Ibrahim
14 October 2019, MVT 19:41

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Sunday attended Milan Cricket Awards Night 2019 held at Dharubaaruge convention centre.

The award night was held to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the organisation.

During the ceremony, President Solih unveiled the official logo of the '2020 Milan Maldives Sixes’ cricket tournament organised by Milan Cricket Academy (MCA), to be held next year.

Additionally, he presented awards to the top three cricketers of 2018.

Among other awards given were top three school cricket players, top three female cricketers, and the top three most promising under-21 cricket players.

Th awards further hailed individuals who had provided exceptional services to the sport as well.

Milan Cricket Academy, established in 2009, is a non-governmental organisation devoted to the promotion and progress of cricket in Maldives. MCA has been instrumental in training the next generation of Maldivian cricketers.