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Addu City Mayor launches 'Raalhugudi' festival

Aminath Nishdha Jinan
19 June 2019, MVT 18:43
Young individuals during a cleanup hosted by Raalhugudi. PHOTO: RAALHUGUDI
Aminath Nishdha Jinan
19 June 2019, MVT 18:43

Mayor of Addu City Abdulla Sodiq, on late Tuesday, launched ‘Raalhugudi Dhekunun Uthurah’ festival.

‘Raalhugudi’ roughly translates to shifting tides.

‘Raalhugudi Dhekunun Uthurah’ is a special Raalhugudi event where four kiteboarders, including Dutch professional kiteboarder Youri Zoon, embarked on a kitesurfing journey across the length of the country. This is the first kiteboarding event of it's kind.

Beginning from the southern-most atoll of Addu, the expedition will end at Thuraakunu, Haa Alif Atoll.

In addition to Mayor Sodiq, Deputy Minister of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment Mohamed Azmeel was present at the opening ceremony. Held at the Hithadhoo Swimming Track on Tuesday, multiple clean-ups were organised as a sign of a deeper focus on environmental issues.

Local boat supplier, watersports and diving store Sea Gear, provided the equipment for the festival.

Additionally, the mayor announced that Addu, by June 5, 2020, would be declared a single-use plastic free city and that the City Council had submitted a petition on the matter.