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Committee investigates Volleyball Association

Ahmed Aiham
05 June 2019, MVT 20:26
Picture depicting Volleyball Association of Maldives (VAM)'s President Mohamed Latheef shaking hands with the athletes. PHOTO: NISHAN ALI / MIHAARU
Ahmed Aiham
05 June 2019, MVT 20:26

Ministry of Youth, Sports and Community Development confirmed that a committee is currently investigating complaints lodged against the Volleyball Association of Maldives (VAM).

According to local media Mihaaru, multiple athletes raised concerns to the minister against VAM President Mohamed Latheef, regarding the future of volleyball in Maldives.

A senior official from the ministry attested that the matter is under investigation by the Commissioner of Sports, led by a three-member committee formulated by the ministry.

Latheef was elected to his position in 2016, after the Sports Commission and Ministry of Home Affairs nullified Mohamed Riyaz's successful reelection bid for a third term as VAM President, citing a flawed electoral process.

Since, VAM has faced stark criticism for poor management of the association, during which then-Vice President Mohamed Ranesh resigned from his post.

Moreover, in 2018, VAM faced backlash over amending the association charter and changing the logo, despite only a single member club being present during the annual general assembly (AGM).

The association also began using the logo prior to receiving approval from the commission.

As highlighted in a report compiled by an observer at the assembly, no members of the media were invited or present during the AGM.

The report also urged that changes implemented during the assembly be thoroughly investigated, adding that certain amendments to the charter were unlawful.

Amidst heavy public criticism, Latheef's tenure involved multiple resignations and reappointments to the organization's board of executives.

"Those who resigned did so because of a failure to execute the responsibilities associated with the position", claimed Latheef.

Experts in the field have highlighted the lack of youth development programmes and deterioration of national team performances during Latheef's term.

Reportedly, they had claimed that Latheef failed to conduct competitions in accordance with the schedule in a timely manner and that the standard of competitions had declined.