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MDP Deputy Chairperson Ibrahim Waheed appointed as a Minister at the President's Office

29 March 2023, MVT 21:00
Photo: President's Office
29 March 2023, MVT 21:00

The Maldivian Democratic Party's (MDP) Deputy Chairperson Ibrahim "Iburey" Waheed has been appointed as a Minister at the President's Office.

His appointment comes today, immediately after the dismissal of MDP's Vice President Mohamed Shifaz, who was also a Minister at the President's Office.

Waheed previously held various positions in the government. He was a Minister of State at the Ministry of Health and was Chairman of the National Social Protection Agency (NSPA). He also served as the Depty Managing Director and a board member of the state utility company, FENAKA Corporation.

During MDP's internal elections, Waheed, who played a leading role in organising polls, endorsed Minister of Economic Affairs Fayyaz Ismail for the party's Chairperson position.

However, during MDP's presidential primary held in January, Waheed revealed he supported the party's President and Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed.

The main ruling party, MDP, has been divided into two factions: those who back incumbent President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and former President Nasheed's "Fikkurege Dhirun" (meaning "reviving an ideology" in Dhivehi) faction. Both sides have been campaigning for the upcoming presidential election separately.

However, MDP's Chairperson Fayyaz, who is a popular member of Solih's side, assured that the differences within the MDP would not affect the presidential election.