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HDC begins handover of Hulhumale new market stalls

Fathmath Shaahunaz
07 July 2019, MVT 15:44
HDC holds official handover ceremony of Hulhumale's 'Rashu Maarukeytu' stalls. PHOTO/HDC
Fathmath Shaahunaz
07 July 2019, MVT 15:44

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) on Sunday held the official handover ceremony of the stalls established at 'Rashu Maarukeytu', the newly developed market in reclaimed suburb Hulhumale'.

A total of 29 tenants received their stalls, while HDC will sign the remaining 28 agreements on Monday.

HDC's Managing Director Suhail Ahmed told local media Mihaaru that tenants are not permitted to lease their stalls to third parties, as per their agreements.

He also noted that HDC will put up more stalls for bid after handing over the current 57.

"Some of the stalls were specialised for souvenir shops at the time we first announced the bid, but those stalls didn't receive much support. Hence we were not able to lease them", he said.

HDC had leased stalls to 42 tenants in an earlier bid for Rashu Maarukeytu.

The new market features two types of stalls: dry stalls for fruit and vegetables, and wet stalls for the sale of raw fish. Measuring 69 square feet, the monthly lease for each stall is MVR 3,500.

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