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Parliament passes Green Tax hike bill on larger guesthouses

Mohamed Rehan
03 July 2022, MVT 21:16
Areal view of Bliss Dhigurah - a prominent local guesthouse in the island of ADh. Dhigurah-- Photo: Bliss Dhigurah
Mohamed Rehan
03 July 2022, MVT 21:16

Maldives Parliament has passed the amendment bill to the Tourism Act on Sunday, July 3.

With this decision, the amendment to the Act dictates that Green Tax imposed on larger guesthouses, with an accommodation capacity of more than 50 beds will be levied at USD 6 per day.

The previous Act had imposed a Green Tax at the rate of USD 3 per day on guesthouses coming under all categories.

The amendment bill further proposed to stop imposing registration fees on guesthouses, hotels and dive centers.

Under the original Tourism Act, a registration fee of USD 650 is imposed on tourist hotels and USD 300 on guesthouses and diving centers.

Another change proposed under the amendment is granting more authority to local councils, which can now lease land according to market value and transfer land rights under their jurisdiction.

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