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For Humanity, let us all unite

Submissions by Maldivian poets for our poetry segment

14 October 2019, MVT 12:57
For Humanity, let us all unite. IMAGE: ALX FOTOLIA
14 October 2019, MVT 12:57

A continuation of:

The innocent sky so blue

Above a world filled with words far from true.

Pools of blood splattered around

An end to these wars is yet to be found

Us who are safe know not:

All those people living in fear have we forgot?

Words streaming through mouths...

Many minds full of endless doubt...

No matter what colour or race we are;

No matter the religion we believe in

Our rights as humans remain

All the same do we all feel pain.

Due to the sins of a minority

The blame falls on the majority.

Dear world, blame not us all

For the terrorists themselves know they will fall

Distorting the truth for which peace has always been the call

Tainting an entire belief and its interpretation

They will inevitably suffer eternal damnation.

Let us all join our hearts

And prevent other nations from falling apart.

Let us reach out to all who suffer

Help those whose lives are in danger

And fix what is left of the broken.

Let us stop all the atrocities

For humanity let us all unite.

- M. Dhaaniya

M. Dhaaniya is an amateur poet and writer who writes as a hobby, because of her passion for writing . She feels that writing is an outlet for her inner thoughts and feelings that are difficult to express verbally.

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