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The bubble wrap isn't to keep me safe, rather it's to keep you safe

29 July 2019, MVT 16:21
Illustration - bubble wrap.
29 July 2019, MVT 16:21

Bubble wrap bubble wrap,

It's a nice new wrap,

But a word of caution,

This isn't the present you wanted or the one you asked for,

As you peel away each of my layers,

You'll realise that even if my exterior is sweet,

That the interiors a mess,

When all the binding layers are gone,

All that's left is the chaos that I am,

An unruly monster created from who knows what and who knows how,

Now it's up to you,

You can leave me back where you found me,

Or are you going to tear away the bubble wrap.

- Shin

According to Shin, he makes negativity look appealing.

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