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Raif Amyl Jalyl
21 July 2019, MVT 15:10
Framed Murpho Butterfly. IMAGE: Asylum
Raif Amyl Jalyl
21 July 2019, MVT 15:10

Growing up means choosing how you want to live your life,

To do the right thing sometimes means leaving things behind.

So live. Not as you once were.

Or as fate bound you here;

A torn boy in need of a fix, 

For the cursives scattered on your wrists.

For you are a shining light,

In this past world of bitterness.

Pain gets the better of us all,

Do not let the muzzle that takes you

And the smoke that dissipates,

Be the arc that would define you.

Your gifts are most divine,

For your tiny hands hold a universe,

That only you and you alone can breathe life to.

Let go of the world you knew, and craft your future,

With sincerity in your heart,

And purpose coursing through your veins.

Real heroes are never as polished as the legend surrounds them.

You died here today, so you may live on, not as a child,

But as the man I know you were always meant to be,

So fight with me little soldier, show me how strong you really are

Dry your tears, and bid adieu to the boy you once were,

And show me what your world is all about!

- Raif Amyl Jalyl

An amalgamation of writer, musician, whole human and all the clumsy inelegance in between.

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