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Held under

Submissions by Maldivian poets for our poetry segment

Ahmed Aiham
15 July 2019, MVT 11:08
'Held under'. PHOTO: AHMED AIHAM
Ahmed Aiham
15 July 2019, MVT 11:08

I'm standing six feet, I'm standing six feet from the void,

and when I'm six feet under, I wonder about the blunder that caused me to wander my mind,

and with hunger in my heart, I fall asleep under sounds of thunder. To open my eyes, hoping to see a world full of laughter and love...

Yet all around me, is a world that has torn asunder.

Hungry for change, for acceptance, for reasons of my own,

I starve to stand above the tall grass, to finally surrender,

and as I endlessly mutter the words for freedom, I'm told about the numbers of the odds that does not ever seem to favour.

You see my home was stolen,

and I'm swimming six feet, I'm swimming six feet underwater,

and when the waves roll over, I tumble upon the unknowns of my house reef, being torn against the sharp reef, dragged along by a swell so strong, I begin to lose my grip.

Before long...

Shortness of breath kicked in, adrenaline rushed in, panic set in, and my eyesight, well...they grew dim.

You see, my rights were also taken,

and now, I'm buried six feet, buried six feet underground,

And the wounds that I have borne, cut around my fragile heart, the water that made its way down my throat rush around my lungs as the waves spun me around n'round n'round till I was no longer confounded to the reality that surrounded me.

I knew I wasn't safe and sound, I knew I wasn't gonna stick around to see myself on the ground, life is no merry-go-round and as I spent those last few moments of life in despair, I was let down by the fact that there wasn't a bum around to save me...

I accepted my fate, in the end,

and now I look around the burial ground that they have left me in, unable to keep myself from falling into the void,

Unable to keep me afloat,

and to think that all I needed,

was just a single breath...

Ahmed Aiham, 20, is a self-taught creative, utilizing various mediums to communicate with his audience, which includes spoken word poetry, digital art, photography and videography.

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