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You are perfect

27 June 2019, MVT 10:50
The color of love. PHOTO/JOOZAN
27 June 2019, MVT 10:50

How are you so perfectly beautiful.


My bad, the word "beautiful" is way too empty to define you.

You are way more than just beautiful, you are like the stars on the sky after a miserable and stormy evening, you are like the depth of the ocean floor that no human being has ever laid their eyes on.

You are like the planets and islands that'll never be discovered.

You are like the sound of the rain.

I can feel it, but no i can't hold it.

You are as heavenly as the flowers that flies around the city curing every broken heart it comes across.

You are like my favorite sweater that keeps me warm and safe on my worst days.

I'm brutally in love with every single bit of your soul.

You really are beautiful, but way more than just beautiful.

- Aishath Joozan

A lover of poems, cats and of course, writing, Joozan is a 16-year-old still figuring out where she wants to be.

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