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you are my eternal love I cannot forget

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17 June 2019, MVT 11:56
you are my eternal love I cannot forget. PHOTO: Sana.Rashad
17 June 2019, MVT 11:56

the moment I looked into your eyes

I got lost in them

oh darling,

they held such an intensity

such depth and sincerity,

and I couldn't pull away.

oh baby,

your eyes held mine with such force,

that all I could do

was delve deep in yours.

the moment I heard your voice,

I was pulled into a singularity

I felt gravity act on me

drowning me deeper

and deeper

in your voice that held

the depth of the seven seas

the beauty of

the golden valleys

the smoothness of

a newborn's skin.

the moment I saw your smile,

my heart failed to beat

your smile was bright

much like

the sun and its stars,

the full moon tonight

your smile made me fall

deeper in love with you

more so than before.

the moment I saw you cry

I cried with you

so beautiful were your tears

raining down on your cheeks

sparkling like stars

I wanted to kiss your eyes my darling,

to drink your tears away

to swallow your despair

and to pour out my love for you,

you are my eternal love I cannot forget.

- sana.rashad

Sana is 19 and works as a writer. She writes poems once inspiration strikes and is on a journey of self-acceptance. She tries to spread positivity and love as much as possible. Her poems are available at excerptsofsana on Instagram.

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