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Cross the cosmos

Submissions by Maldivian poets for our poetry segment

24 June 2019, MVT 13:36
The Heavens Beneath. ILLUSTRATION: Yuumei/deviantART
24 June 2019, MVT 13:36

Come to me at twilight -

we’ll chase after the moon,

following the winds

to outrun darkness bestrewn.

Come to me at midnight

we’ll drift among the stars,

searching the cosmos

for answers to lost prayers.

Come to me at first light –

we’ll stand before the sun,

beholding the birth

of new hopes and creation.

Come to me – be it

in sunlight or moonlight,

in starlight or half light

Come, and stay the night.

We’ll unravel the universe.

- R.V.

A daydreamer in love with words and all the pictures they can paint, R.V. dreams of becoming a published writer one day.

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