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To the love of my life

Submissions by Maldivian poets for our poetry segment

22 May 2019, MVT 10:55
The aftermaths of rain. Days of peace. PHOTO/NAU
22 May 2019, MVT 10:55

You are my world, my heartfelt concern

To you who has shown me that brighter days exist,

To you who has shown me that love is beautiful,

As the sunrises and shines to the colors of your eyes,

To the sparkles in your aura that takes my breath away.

I had not committed to tie this string,

But your love for me has made it into an eternal bond,

I can finally be at peace, Be my own self.

My fears and despairs, the yearns and cries

It was not futile as it has brought us close,

More than I imagined

More than I had ever expected,

Almost as if a dream has come true.

This journey has taught me to let things go

Be it my emotions or the flow I wanted to keep

Nothing stays the same and you have to agree

Like the waves at the shoreside that never ceases

Always and forever bringing in new tides

We will keep evolving and stand by the changes we’ve yet to conquer

Honey, with you by my side, even the storms feels like peace.

With love

Yours Truly

- Nau

Nau expresses her emotions through her writings; genuine words from a genuine writer.

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