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15 May 2019, MVT 14:37
Macro picture of a leaf. PHOTO: FATHMATH AZFA NAEEM
15 May 2019, MVT 14:37

Maybe I would caress your face,

from the tip of your chin,

till the ends of your hair,

Maybe I will stand at a distance and act like I don't see you.

Maybe I will whisper how fascinating I find your face,

and how it invokes me to push against you,

and to kiss you as gently as rough can be.

Maybe I will jerk my hands away every time you try to grab it,

and look away from your eyes every time you turn to me.

For you're gonna call this mathematics, Cos it isn't chemistry,

While little do you know that we meet hand in hand,

Fingers intertwined, in no equation that can be solved.

Little do you know that there is no algebra nor arithmatics

That could climb to the gradients of our thrusts.

And for you may think you are the crumbled piece of paper,

With scribbled equations I might be unfolding in secret,

But what you are to me,

Is every formula that I know by heart.

Amidst pursuing a legal career, Fathmath Azfa Naeem often crafts her feelings into poetry.

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