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Dr. Muizzu responds to allegations about injustice

25 September 2023, MVT 11:21
People of Baa atoll Kamadhoo welcome Dr. Muizzu as he arrive in the island.
25 September 2023, MVT 11:21

The presidential candidate of the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and People's National Congress (PNC) has responded to allegations made against him by the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), stating that a government led by Dr. Muizzu would not serve the best interests of the people and would be unjust.

Speaking at a campaign event held in Baa atoll Kamadhoo in preparation for the second round of election to be held September 30, Dr. Muizzu said that the real injustice is caused by the current government of president Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. Dr. Muizzu said he will bring the injustices of the current government to an end.

MDP's allegations are based on the fact that many political opponents were incarcerated during the administration of former PPM government led by Abdulla Yameen. These allegations also include the restrictions placed on freedom of speech, particularly with regard to journalists and the media, during that period. MDP has strongly criticised Dr. Muizzu for his silence on these matters while serving as the minister of housing during former president Yameen's government.

Dr. Muizzu interacting with a young child at the row of people waiting to welcome him to Baa Kamadhoo. -- Photo: PPM

Dr. Muizzu said that physical harm is not the only type of harm caused by injustice. He highlighted that psychological harm caused by injustice is more dangerous and claimed that this is what is seen from the practices of the current government.

"Giving jobs to youth in every island and intimidating them causes psychological harm. This is unjust," said Dr. Muizzu.

"If you stand in line and shake hands [with the opposition candidate], you will be terminated from your job. This has happened in some islands. Some of the youth who participated in the opposition campaign have been dismissed [from their jobs]," said Dr. Muizzu

In his various campaign events, Dr. Muizzu has repeatedly assured the people that his government would not dismiss anyone from a job except those who occupy political posts. He has also given the assurance that people who are threatened and dismissed for political purposes by the current government will be reinstated during his government.

Dr. Muizzu's campaign event held in Baa atoll Kamadhoo

Dr. Muizzu affirmed that he will bring an end to injustice and fear if the people voted and elected him as president for the next term.

The nation is in economic enslavement

While speaking at Kamadhoo, Dr. Muizzu said that he heard the current government borrowed an additional USD 100 million in bonds from an Indian Bank. He further said that he did not know the truth of the matter since the current government had denied this. Referring to this incident, Dr. Muizzu said there is much deception in everything done by the current government which makes it difficult to establish facts.

Dr. Muizzu highlighted the lack of transparency in the interest rates of loans taken by the current government. He said that the government has cited national security concerns as the reason for not divulging this information. Furthermore, Dr. Muizzu asserted that the current government contends that disclosing such details would impede the procurement of essential commodities necessary for the country.

"If disclosing the details of loans is an obstacle to acquiring rice, sugar and flour, this is too much. Enough is enough," said Dr. Muizzu. He said that "this is the answer given by the government when journalists went to court after their inability to access this information through Right to Information (RTI) mechanisms.

Supporters of Dr. Muizzu at the campaign event held in Kamadhoo.

Dr. Muizzu said the presence of foreign soldiers in the country is not the only reason for our enslavement. He highlighted that the huge loans taken by the government has also put the country in "economic enslavement."

Dr. Muizzu emphasized the importance of people believing in and aligning their mindsets with the reality, irrespective of their political affiliations, in order to liberate the country from its current challenges. He said that the nation cannot afford to persist in its present situation and urged people to participate in the election on September 30 to vote for the defeat of the current government.

Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed, former islamic minister, who spoke at the campaign event held in Kamadhoo said that there is no justifications for the allegations against Dr. Muizzu.

Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed speaking at the campaign event held in Kamadhoo

Dr. Shaheem refuted allegations suggesting that Dr. Muizzu's government would be unjust. He expressed confidence that Dr. Muizzu would not govern unjustly.

"I want to ask, when was he unjust? There is no justification to these accusations. These are made up stories, because there is nothing else to say," said Shaheem.

Dr. Shaheem said that the biggest reason to vote for Dr. Muizzu is his ability to safeguard the Maldives as an Islamic nation and secure the country's independence.