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Slots for pilot studies reduced due to job shortage

The Ministry has reduced the number of student loans given to pilot study application to 10 slots, citing job scarcity concerns. The Ministry has decided to offer the remaining 248 applicants who passed the criteria with a chance to switch their field.

Aishath Shuba Solih
11 June 2024, MVT 19:03
Plane crew standing near the aircraft after landing it.
Aishath Shuba Solih
11 June 2024, MVT 19:03

The number of slots available for government-sponsored pilot training courses has been reduced due to an oversaturation of trained pilots without sufficient job opportunities.

A statement released by the Ministry of Higher Education, following the announcement of the list of applicants selected for student loans this year, said that while the government had decided to issue loans for every eligible applicant who met the criteria, only ten slots were allocated for pilot studies this year.

The Ministry added that the reduction in slots was due to over 500 students being issued loans to study for a pilot license overseas last year. The Ministry also expressed concerns about a potential lack of jobs for students returning to the Maldives after completing their education.

"Parents, related institutions, and students have shared complaints with the Ministry due to the high number of students being offered the chance to study from a single field. Many challenges are faced in securing placements and visas for students," said the Ministry.

"The Transport Ministry and other related institutions have expressed concerns, predicting that so many students simultaneously studying in the same field may lead to difficulties in securing jobs upon their return after their studies."

The 10 slots allocated for pilot studies this year are for the pilot licensing course offered at the Maldivian Aviation Academy, established at Gan International Airport in Addu City.

The Ministry added that 148 students who applied for student loans to study pilot programs had met the criteria.

"However, the Ministry's decision, based on the aforementioned reasons and a review of the flying school's capacity, is to offer the opportunity to the top-scoring 10 students based on a merit standard," explained the Ministry.

The Ministry has also decided to offer the remaining pilot study applicants who passed the determined criteria with the choice to transfer to another field where they meet the requirements from within the slots announced this year.