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Parliament passes Election Postponement Bill again

Mariyath Mohamed
28 February 2024, MVT 16:33
President Dr Mohamed Muizzu delivers his Presidential Address in the presence of Parliament Speaker Mohamed Aslam.
Mariyath Mohamed
28 February 2024, MVT 16:33

The Parliament has once again passed through a vote the amendments brought to the General Elections Act, after the President sent the bill back without ratification.

The bill was passed through the votes of 47 members. As per the Constitution, a bill returned by the President without ratification has to be passed by the Parliament without any changes through the votes of the majority of the total number number of parliamentarians.

As the total number of parliamentarians is 87, the majority will be reached through a minimum of 43 votes.

As per the Article 91 (b) of the Constitution, any Bill returned to the People’s Majlis for reconsideration shall be ratified by the President and published in the Gazette if the Bill, after reconsideration, is passed without any amendments, by a majority of the total membership of the parliament.

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