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STO Managing Director Amr sacked

26 March 2023, MVT 20:19
Managing Director of STO Hussain Amr / MIHAARU PHOTO
26 March 2023, MVT 20:19

The State Trading Organization's (STO) Managing Director Hussain Amr has been dismissed from his post.

An official from STO confirmed his dismissal. They said the company's CFO, Mohamed Nizam, is temporarily in charge of management.

Earlier today, the Spokesperson at the President's Office, Mohamed Miuwan, said that the government makes changes from time to time to enhance the operations of companies. His dismissal was requested as part of this shuffle, he said.

He also said that the President's Office had requested the Privatization and Corporatization Board (PCB) to remove Amr.

The administration has received a lot of backlash for keeping Amr in his position after he defied President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and backed Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed in the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) primary election held in January.

Since then, he has been openly seen in activities and campaigns led by MDP's Nasheed faction, called "Fikkurege Dhirun" (meaning "Reviving an Ideology" in Dhivehi).

Amr is yet to make an official comment regarding his dismissal. There are already allegations that he is being dismissed solely because of his political views.

Amr has been STO's Managing Director since late 2018 when the administration came to power. He was a key player in MDP's campaign leading up to the presidential election held that year.

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