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Remand extended again for man arrested on threatening to explode the Indian High Commission

Lamya Abdulla
13 July 2021, MVT 15:45
Mohamed Inad (r): his remand duration under police custody was extended on Sunday
Lamya Abdulla
13 July 2021, MVT 15:45

Remand extended by an additional three days by the Criminal Court on Sunday for the man arrested over accusations of threatening to explode the Indian High Commission.

He was initially arrested on July 3, when he was believed to be the person using the Twitter account with the display name "Royal Hussain Thakuru." The account had threatened to explode the Indian High Commission in Maldives the previous week, stating he needed a base used in military explosives.

This case is being investigated by the Serious and Organised Crime Unit of the Police.

The man arrested over the bomb threat is Mohamed Inad, 42 years old. He had contested within ruling party, Maldives Democratic Party's (MDP) inner primary so that he could contest in the Primary Election of 2019.

Criminal Court initially ordered him to be under police custody for week, which they had extended yesterday by an additional three days.

The court order states police had submitted sufficient evidence to accuse him. However, while police had not provided enough evidence that he had made the tweet at issue, there is other evidence that may prove it was him, it stated.

Inad's representative has said police has not collected enough evidence against him and has requested that he be released.

Judge Saffath Habeeb who was overlooking the case decided to keep him under police custody because releasing him may lead to him damaging evidences.

MDP has also decided to terminate Inad's membership with their party considering the ongoing investigation.