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Not afraid of ticking time bombs: President Yameen

09 September 2018, MVT 15:30
President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom
09 September 2018, MVT 15:30

Whilst speaking at Fonadhoo, Laamu Atoll, President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom states that he is unafraid of any "time bombs” in the form of assumption-filled news reports, that might make an appearance.

Speaking at the ceremony to inaugurate the newly developed main road and commence sewerage projects on the island, the President predicted that audit reports and other false information would surface nearing the following elections.

President Yameen further stated that this would not be the first election to bear witness to such allegations, referring to President Maumoon's description of an audit report released by then-Auditor General, Ibrahim Naeem, as an example of a “time bomb”.

The President denied all rumours propagated by the opposition parties alleging that he had 'counted earnings in a room', declaring that he is aware that he must face an array of challenges and provocation.

According to President Yameen, be it the Anti-Corruption Commission or the Audit Office, if an institution were to uncover such issues then the findings must be reported and published. He further expressed wishes for institutions during his administration to take charge and implement change.

“We didn’t create a ‘State Asset Recovery Commission’ to instil fear or to run after certain people,” said the incumbent President. The presidential commission was established to recover missing state assets.

The President stated that the opposition had pledged to recover the assets stolen during the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation scandal, pointing out his belief that the opposition lacks the required determination to carry out the task.

Yameen highlighted that when MDP came to power, the investigation into the 1990 Fisheries Projects Implementation Department (FPID) embezzlement issue, the largest corruption scandal at that time, had already been completed.

He demanded answers as to why MDP had not taken the opportunity to recover the state funds lost via the FPID, declaring that this example serves as proof that the opposition coalition is not in a position to mention the recovery of any other state funds.

Summary of the presidential address to the citizens of Fonadhoo

- Over MVR 698 Million has been spent on projects for the island. The President compared the amount stating it as being 6 times more than that of the total of investments made during MDPs’ administration.

- Development of Kadhdhoo domestic airport as an international airport, should the incumbent be elected for a second term.

- Development of the tourism sector and an increase of jobs within the Atoll.

- Over 100,000 jobs have been created in Laamu atoll during his 5-year presidential term.

- Call to vote for development instead of giving in to the allure of gifts and clientelism.

- Despite stating the importance of developing these sectors, the opposition fails to realize how far the education and health sector has already been developed.

Demands from the incumbent

Criticizing the opposing presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (Ibu) and opposition coalition, the president had expressed that it would not take long for the opposition coalition to disband.

The president had acknowledged and congratulated Ibu for stating that no religion other than Islam would be given space to prosper in the country. However, the president equated Ibu’s statements to external pressure from ruling Progressive Party of Maldives.

The President further demanded Ibu to make a statement towards establishing that there will neither be space allocated for international involvement in national and civic matters.