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Five drug mules arrested and remanded

Ahmed Aiham
05 October 2020, MVT 11:04
L:R: Abdul Ali Hassan, Mohamed Saad Warsi, Mohamed Ali Baaiq and Ahsan ul-Hassan from Pakistan were arrested by Maldives Customs for body packing illegal narcotics. PHOTO/POLICE
Ahmed Aiham
05 October 2020, MVT 11:04

Maldives Customs Service, on Sunday, announced that five individuals were arrested for body packing narcotics with a street value of over MVR 632,800.

According to Customs, four Pakistani nationals were arrested for suspicious behaviour after they arrived in Maldives on September 11,

The suspects were revealed by the police to be Mohamed Saad Warsi aged 22, Ahsan ul-Hassan aged 30, Abdul Ali Hassan aged 34, and Mohamed Ali Baaiq aged 41.

They were transferred to a medical facility for further screening and were confirmed with 81 pellets of heroin weighing a total of 791 grams.

Jedida Anduku Kingu, 27, from Kenya is under police custody for body packing illegal narcotics. PHOTO/POLICE

The fifth person was noted as a 27-year-old Kenyan woman named Jedida Anduku Kingu, that arrived in the country on September 29. She was caught with 52 pellets of contraband.

After their transfer to the custody of Maldives Police Service for further investigation, the Criminal Court on Monday remanded the four Pakistani nationals until the end of their trials.

The Kenyan national has been remanded for a period of 15 days.

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