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Bank of Maldives wins 'Excellence in Training and Development Award'

Ahmed Aiham
17 February 2019, MVT 10:51
Bank of Maldives wins the 'Excellence in Training and Development Award'. PHOTO: BANK OF MALDIVES
Ahmed Aiham
17 February 2019, MVT 10:51

World HRD Congress presented Bank of Maldives (BML) the 'Excellence in Training and Development Award' during the 6th Global Training and Development Leadership Awards held in Mumbai, India.

At the awards ceremony which was attended by more than 500 human resources professionals from across the Asia-Pacific region, BML was recognized for establishing a culture of learning and implementing policies to develop and retain talent.

“It is with pride that we accept this Award which recognizes the Bank’s commitment to people excellence and our policies that promote and foster continuous learning. I would like to thank the Human Resources team and the managers across the Bank for their effort in building a highly capable, content and motivated workforce.”, said the Bank's People and Change Director Sahar Waheed.

BML hosts monthly training sessions for staff across the nationwide network. The 'Kiyavama' program helps further education in relevant fields and the recent launch of BML 'Riveli' offering staff and other interested parties to harness their banking skills provides a competitive environment to progress personal and career development at BML.

Additionally, the Bank has carried out the first year of the BML Graduate Internship Program for young individuals to gain valuable on the job experience.

BML has received the prestigious 'Asia’s Best Employer Brand Award' for two consecutive years.