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Six high ranking MDP members in MMPRC beneficiaries List

Lamya Abdulla
12 May 2021, MVT 22:15
Youth Minister Ahmed Mahloof:
Lamya Abdulla
12 May 2021, MVT 22:15

The report released on Wednesday by the Joint Committee comprising of the Committee on National Security Services, and Judiciary Committee revealed that six high ranking Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) members were involved in the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) Corruption.

Some of the high ranking names on the list include Leader of the MDP Parliamentary Group and Representative of Medhu Henveyru Constituency Ali Azim, Kendikulhudhoo Constituency MP Ahmed Easa and Representative of Maradhoo Constituency Ibrahim Shareef.

Notably, all three members were parliament representatives of the 18th Majilis term, elected to office a year after Former President Abdulla Yaamin took office.

Some of the other significant names include Ministry of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment Ahmed Mahloof and State Minister to Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure Akram Kamaaludheen. Mahloof, also a representative on the 18th term, resigned after President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih appointed him as a cabinet Minister in 2018.

It is believed other high ranking officials are also on the list. However, as the list only states the name of those involved and does not include further details, it is difficult to ascertain the depth of the involvement.

While some of the cases investigation status was ongoing, or in the preliminary stages, Mahloof's case has been completed and was "in the process to be sent to the Prosecutor General's Office for prosecution," the report stated. Akram's criminal case was closed, and civil charges were pending.

The list was compiled after Representative of Henveyru Hulhangu constituency, and Chairperson of MDP Hassan Latheef requested an update on the MMPRC Corruption investigation, specifically an update on those in government or state-funded jobs or position involved. In addition to the Police, Asset Recovery Commission, Prosecutor's General Office, and Anti Corruption Commission provided information for this report.

The 281 names involved in the corruption was provided by the Asset Recovery Commission. The parliament released two reports: one that includes all 281 beneficiaries of the corruption and the second report includes119 names of those in state funded jobs, either in the previous or the current administration, that received funds from the corruption.

The report called to remove those from their state funded jobs where possible. Those who were elected to posts can only be removed via a court order, or if they resign voluntarily. Hence the report urged to hasten and prioritize those cases.