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Best travel backpacks and carry-ons - so far!

Mohamed Rehan
22 January 2022, MVT 16:39
The 2-in-1 all-purpose backpack -- Photo: The Perfect Pack
Mohamed Rehan
22 January 2022, MVT 16:39

Traveling is fun, traveling is amazing. We are always finding one excuse or another just so we can pack our bags or luggage or backpacks with necessary items and head off to places unknown and unfamiliar. Whatever may be your reason, but when you are traveling there is one instrumental thing which could either make or break your entire trip's experience.

Indeed, your most vital travel companion is the kind of luggage you have opted to utilize to carry your belongings and necessities. When it comes to backpacks, these are mostly preferred by those who are looking out for vacations that require them to be more mobile. Backpacks also give the added advantage of easy carriage – you are literally strapping it on your shoulders and carrying it with you.

Backpacks are the go-to pick for well… for the lack of alternative description… backpackers. They are functional, designed ergonomically for easy carrying as well as do not weigh you down. They also have evolved to include several features in them that makes it desirable for many. Be it the many compartments, strong fabric or plastic chassis or how much you can stuff into them without it being strained.

With that in mind, here is a list of top-tier backpacks that you may charge up on your debit or credit cards, so that the next time you have a neat vacation lined up, you will be going on the trip carrying on your back; both style and functionality.

Osprey Farpoint Travel Pack Carry-On

This often-reviewed backpack comes in four distinct sizes and its 40L variant is your best bet when traveling light. Ideal for travels, hiking and even for plain backpacking trips the 40L is the only one in this range that actually ticks all carry-on specification boxes.

The backpack is designed using 210D nylon mini hex diamond ripstop and has dimensions of 21H x 14W x 9D inches with a nominal weight of 1.44 kilograms. The Osprey Farpoint is durable and suited for outdoor activities while the traps, harness and waist belt can be zipped easily for a more streamlined look.

In addition to this, the back strap and padding makes this one comfortable to carry even when it is loaded.

Level8 Atlas Laptop Backpack

So, you are a backpacker and you do not want to carry your trusted laptop in a different bag – this is the solution. The Level8 is the ideal backpack for business or corporate travelers, travel bloggers and digital nomads.

What makes this stand is that it has an independent laptop compartment with EVA foam designed to provide maximum protection for your laptop – meaning, the least of your concerns during a trip would be your digital notebook.

The ergonomic laptop carrier backpack -- Photo: Level8

The backpack measures 12.6L x 6.5W x 18.6H inches with a nominal weight of 1.51 kilograms and a carriage capacity of 31L. The Level8 beautifully cradles laptops measuring between 13 to 16 inches while the organization pockets make it easy for you to stack in your items in a more clean and easy-to-access manner.

Not to mention the main compartment is spacious while the side pockets are designed to be able to store small water bottles and even a mini-umbrella if you fancy. And the best bit? The exterior is completely water-resistant.

Thule Subterra 34L Travel Backpack

This entry right here is not one of your typical backpacks. The Nylon Subterra is a "crossbreed" between an everyday backpack and a travel pack. The roll-top opening with enhanced magnetic closure is the stuff of comfort which allows for you to load up the bag fully and still access to it at any time.

The Level8 is not the only beauty boasting a compartment for a laptop, but the Subterra has a dedicated compartment for it as well. It is easily accessible by sliding the side zip entry without having to unzip the main compartment – which we know will come in handy for a lot of you.

What makes this one distinct is that the removable packing cubes help you to organize your belongings inside the backpack neatly while the pass-through panels provide you with the option to attach your backpack to a suitcase if need be.

The Subterra is developed using 800D Nylon and has a capacity of 34L as the name suggests and measures 20.5 x 12.2 x 9.1 inches while it holds a nominal weight of 1.25 kilograms.

AmazonBasics Carry-On

Looking for an ergonomic, efficient and effective backpack that does not dent your bank balance? The AmazonBasics is your answer, which provides top-quality travel backpacks at affordable price ranges.

This one is best suited for day trips, work trips and even for weekend getaways while the AmazonBasics Carry-On is designed using polyester, polyethylene and SBS Zippers. These bad boys have a carriage volume of 50L and measures 15.75 x 21.5 x 8.25 inches and has a nominal weight of 1.63 kilograms.

What is amazing is that these backpacks are functional yet holds a simple design to them. They also come with large storage capacities with dividers that allow you to organize your belongings easily – and the best bit? This one fits most airline carry-on regulations as well. Now that is quite something!

Salkan Backpacker

This one is a bundle, and that is not said metaphorically. In fact, the Salkan Backpacker comes with its main backpack and a detachable daypack which can make it look a tad bit too overly-featured at the get-go.

Perhaps not ideal for those who are looking for lighter options, but definitely an appeal for the serious hikers and cross-country backpackers. The Salkan Backpacker is designed using COTNA 900D polycotton with wax coating, nylon straps, YKK Zippers and Aluminum G Hooks.

The main pack measures 45L with a 10L expansion with dimensions of 26 x 12.6 x 8.8 inches and a nominal weight of 2.59 kilograms while the daypack measures 20L with dimensions of 18.9 x 11.42 x 7.09 inches and a nominal weight of 0.77 kilograms.

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