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Will the hustle culture trend take a step back in 2022?

Ruby Amir
26 December 2021, MVT 10:41
(FILE) A set up of someone working from home --
Ruby Amir
26 December 2021, MVT 10:41

The word hustle isn’t new in the 21st century. The rise of the hustle culture is correlated to the amount of time a person spends grinding away at their desk jobs or start-ups. While it is an admirable thing that people are focused on their careers, driven by a need to be more productive, this can backfire if it leads to burnout. In a digitally optimised world, the need to get things done has accelerated with the notion that there aren’t enough hours in the day. Coupled with the influence of magnates like Elon Musk pushing for the hustle culture, hustling remains praised.

It’s one thing to have clear goals to work towards, it's another when achieving those goals puts everything else on the back seat. Twenty-four hours in a day would seem like twenty-four too less when you cannot take a break, from pushing yourself to do more. Paradoxically, the more you push yourself, the less productive you’d find yourself to be. Because when the number of hours worked in a day is reduced, the less fatigued you will be, thereby bringing in more focus for the next day.

But completely ruling out the hustle culture isn’t the viable option; working smarter is. Knowing how to manage time is the most crucial aspect of working smarter. By doing a time audit, it is easy to prioritise tasks in a way that can yield the most benefit. Doing so eliminates the time devoted to things that do not work organically. Saying no to a work project that does not excite you, will pave the path to focus intentionally on the work project that does. Likewise, setting aside time for personal development while celebrating what has been achieved thus far, promotes more success in life’s parameters.

In a world where the fear of missing out is borderline high, it is easy to get caught up in the rat race. However, the ongoing pandemic has shown mankind how important it is to stop, reflect and realign. Although your daily bread would not appear magically, it is essential to take a breather once in a while. This will consciously restrict you from being a part of the toxicity of hustle culture. When the work-life balance gets unceremoniously tipped in the favour of work, the other facets of life suffer as a consequence. For that reason, it is important to take a step back, to move two steps forward.

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