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President Solih meets councils of HDh. Naivaadhoo, Finey

Mohamed Rehan
27 September 2022, MVT 13:33
President Solih meets with council and WDC members in HDh. Finey-- Photo: President's Office
Mohamed Rehan
27 September 2022, MVT 13:33

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, who is currently visiting the residential islands of Haa Dhaal atoll, has met with the respective councils of Haa Dhaalu atoll Naivaadhoo and Finey.

The head of state had met with members of respective councils, and Women's Development Committees (WDCs) of the islands.

President Solih had thanked the council authorities and WDCs for the developmental initiatives carried forth in the islands.

Members of Naivaadhoo council highlighted importance of expediting some of the ongoing projects.

At the meeting with Naivaadhoo council, the President spoke regarding concerns about Council Secretariat Office, noting the Local Government Authority (LGA) oversees the construction of council offices.

President Solih assured council members and WDC that discussions will be held with LGA to include Naivaadhoo on its priority list. He also assured discussions would be held with relevant authorities to address the issues and concerns raised by the members at the meeting.

President meets with the members of Council and WDC of HDh. Naivaadhoo-- Photo: President's Office

The meeting with Naivaadhoo council saw discussions focused on beach erosion, upgrading the Council Secretariat, development of a sports facility, and expediting the work on sewerage system as well as the school hall development projects.

The president had toured the Council Secretariat office post his meeting with the council.

At the meeting with Finey's council and its WDC, the members acknowledged that the current administration had completed three major development projects in the island. The council members spoke further about the various ongoing projects in the island as well.

The members conferred their most pertinent needs to the President, which include the potential need for harbor expansion, restoration of the old school building, the need for sports equipment and infrastructure. Members further highlighted challenges faced due to the lack of a community center in the island.

President assured Finey's council and WDC that the current administration will "find ways to address their concerns by consulting relevant authorities." He further detailed on the progress made to build a multipurpose hall at the school.

Significant projects that concluded in the island include provision of water supply, installation of a water and sanitation network, construction of the new powerhouse and office building and commissioning of a new electricity network.