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NDMA claims heavy damage to livelihood, temporary shelter for many

Mohamed Rehan
03 July 2022, MVT 11:43
The island of GDh. Madaveli is among the heavily affected islands amid the worsening weather across central and southern parts of the country--
Mohamed Rehan
03 July 2022, MVT 11:43

National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has said on Saturday that a significant number of families require to be moved to temporary shelters as the surge waves had affected numerous islands, damaging their homes.

The authority confirms that the damages to property and livelihood of locals across several islands due to floods have been significant and alarming.

The Director of Emergency Management of NDMA Faroosha attests that 98 percent of the locals in GDh. Madaveli have been affected due to floods and several families have temporarily relocated to unaffected areas.

Additionally, close to 30 families in Thaa atoll Thimarafushi had temporarily relocated safer areas; mostly seeking shelter in unaffected houses in the island.

Over 90 percent of Kinbidhoo of the same atoll had experienced floods as well, while several of the flood victims have relocated to safer areas.

Respective island councils have provided temporary shelter to families who were most significantly affected due to property damage. This include;

Seenu Maradhoo - one family

Gaafu Dhaalu Madaveli - four families

Tha Thimarafushi - one family

Alif Dhaalu Fenfushi - one family

Faroosha further attests that the flooding had damaged sewerage pipes in Madifushi as well.

Relevant bodies were actively attempting to repair the damage to the pipes.

Two of the island's residences also experienced damages to the roof; with their roofing completely coming untethered due to strong winds.

The island nation is currently experiencing its Southwest (rainy) monsoon during which parts of the country experience heavy rain, strong gusts followed by rough seas.

Maldives Meteorological Service (MET) had issued out a white alert from central parts of the country stretching all the way to the southern-end.

The authority further declared that the weather conditions are expected to worsen or continue at its current pattern for the next two days.

Meanwhile, locals across the atolls which are expected to experience bad weather conditions the most have begun preparations against scenarios of danger. Many of these houses are barricaded using sand-bag groynes, while Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) are logistically assisting the locals with the endeavor.

Sea water flooding had caused numerous damages to properties in seven atolls which include; ADh Fenfushi, Lh Kurendhoo, nine islands from Thaa atoll, L Maavah, GA Kolamaafushi, four islands from GDh and Addu atoll.

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