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Import, export, re-export licences not required from Monday

Shahudha Mohamed
14 April 2019, MVT 12:05
A container ship carrying imported cargo to Maldives. Ministry of Economic Development amended the import export regulations recently. PHOTO: NISHAN ALI / MIHAARU
Shahudha Mohamed
14 April 2019, MVT 12:05

Ministry of Economic Development announced that import, export and re-export licences need not be collected from this Monday onward.

An amendment to the Export Import Act publicised by the ministry states that any party formerly registered at the Economic Ministry can now register at Maldives Customs Service to carry out imports, exports an re-exports.

According to the regulations, goods produced in Maldives can only be exported after registration at Customs.

However, this rule does not apply to clothing and items for regular use in the luggage of passengers departing from the country.

Moreover, the import-export regulations state that 10 laari (MVR 0.01) must be paid as the cost of revenue stamps for every MVR 100 of the price quoted by Customs.

Due to the recent amendments, this payment will take place through the goods declaration process. Prior to the amendment, the cost of the revenue stamps must be covered before the goods are shipped over.

Despite these changes, a special permit must be acquired for the import and export of certain types of goods, as stated in the laws and regulations.

For the import of controlled items such as alcoholic beverages and pork, as well as items needed for major projects, one must be registered at both Customs and Economic Ministry.