The Edition


Submission Guidelines for LIT

Please adhere to the following guidelines when making submissions to

Contributor Requirements

  • Your name or a pseudonym (pen name)
  • Your age, and a short bio with 1-2 sentences about yourself (Doesn’t need to be too personal)
  • If you wish to direct the audience to your body of work, send through a link to your portfolio or art page (Facebook, Instagram)

For Illustrations, Comics

  • Landscape format only (Aspect ratio 1500 x 968 pixels)
  • Clarify whether your submission is an illustration or comic
  • Include title (mandatory) and description (optional)

For Stories, Poems

  • Send your writings in a Word document or directly in the email
  • Provide a cover (a high-resolution landscape photograph or illustration), with the appropriate credits, to be featured with your work

General Disclaimer

Content of all submissions will be evaluated thoroughly.

Sensitive content such as faction-specific politics, religion, obscenities and other explicit content will not be published.

Editorial reserves the right to edit mistakes such as typos, simple grammar errors, and so forth. No changes will be made to content itself

Submissions will be scheduled across a weekly/monthly basis.

The Edition cannot respond to all emails regarding publishing status so, please keep an eye on our page! However, if contributors feel there is great delay, you are encouraged to reach out to us with your queries.