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ACC obtained evidence unlawfully: Youth Minister Mahloof

Lamya Abdulla
20 June 2021, MVT 22:18
Minister Mahloof
Lamya Abdulla
20 June 2021, MVT 22:18

Youth Minister Ahmed Mahloof says the evidence collected against him regarding the Maldives Marketing and Publlic Relations Corporation (MMPRC) Corruption was collected unlawfully and that the Prosecutor General's Office would not be able to prosecute him.

PG Hussain Shameem said in a press conference today that he had requested Anti Corruption Commission to complete several procedures in regards to Mahloof's case. The decision to prosecute will be made only after ACC complies with PG's request.

Mahloof's case was sent to PGO on June 9 by ACC, after a joint investigation conducted by the Police and Asset Recovery Commission.

After PGO's news conference, Mahloof made a Facebook post addressing his case. He stated Police had sent his case to earlier this year in January through the duty prosecution portal. PGO had asked then even then to further investigate his case, Mahloof said.

However, his case was sent to PGO without any changes brought to it, he said.

He further stated that the evidence gathered against him was obtained through unlawful means and that PGO does not have enough material to prosecute him.

"I ask for this issue to be settled soon," Mahloof had said.

In the joint investigation conducted by Police and ACC, it was found out that Mahloof was a beneficiary of the MMPRC Corruption and he had received USD 33,000 (509,850.00 Rufiyaa) while he served as a Majilis Member, representing the Galolhu Dhekunu constituency. Even though Mahloof had shown receipts and provided statements claiming he obtained the money through legal means, ACC had said the roof he provided were falsified.

Until Mahloof's case is settled, he has been suspended from his duties and responsibilities by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.