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Aqua Vita: A home that’s truly yours

06 May 2021, MVT 12:46
A look at how one of the Aquavita apartments -- Photo: Aquavita
06 May 2021, MVT 12:46

The natural beauty of Maldives is second to none. Over a million tourists visit the Maldives a year to bask in the impeccable beauty and calmness of this destination.

For some, it is a tropical getaway to escape the winter blues. For others, it is the go-to destination to spend their honeymoon before embarking on a lifetime of happiness with their significant other. People also visit this destination on their own, just to relax and unwind and recharge their batteries amid their busy schedule.

Whatever reason they visit, anyone who comes here doesn’t want to leave. Every tourist leaves with the hope of returning someday. Those who come for work also go back to their home country after their tenure with the aspiration to one day come and live or spend some time with their families.

A look into an Aquavita apartment -- Photo: Aquavita

Maldivians also share similar hopes and aspirations. They want to escape the hustle and bustle of the congested capital city of Male’ and breathe into a new environment. Their wish is to have access to the facilities and services available in Male’ but without the tense environment of the capital city. They dream of raising their family in a modern home that they can call their own!

Aqua Vita residences, being built in one of the most prime locations in the satellite town of Hulhumale, provides the opportunity to colour those dreams. Offering spectacular views of the up-and-coming second phase neighbourhood of Hulhumale, this residential tower is the answer to anyone who longs for a comfortable life. This is also the best place to retire to after a life of hard work, reap the benefits of what you have built and achieved in your life and spend much-needed quality time with your family.

Even from the very beginning, the team behind Aqua Vita has paid extra attention to the design and build quality of the entire tower as well as individual units. Aqua Vita has some of the biggest two- and three-bedroom units built as part of a residential real estate development in Hulhumale. The floorplan of each apartment has been laid out with common, everyday problems and their solutions in mind, while well-lit and ventilated common areas such as lobbies elevate your living experience even further.

10 mm double glazed glass on all the windows used in Aquvita apartments to ensure maximum comfort of the residents -- Photo: Aquavita

Aqua Vita, which is now 80 per cent complete, comes with all the comfort and luxury you would need for to lead a happy life. One such step taken is the use of 10mm double glazed glass on all the windows, including those that open to the outside. This reduces 73 per cent of the natural heat absorbed through the windows and cuts at least 70 per cent of noise that comes from the outside.

For interior elements too, the development team has used the highest quality materials. Anyone who enters an Aqua Vita apartment will get to step onto high grade hardwood flooring, which significantly reduces the level of dust and dirt that gets trapped in between when tiles are used. This prevents colds and other ailments that you might be subjected to due to dirt, all the while giving a modern, luxurious look and feel to your home.

The kitchen of each and every Aqua Vita apartment is well-suited to prepare delicious meals for you and your family. Each kitchen unit comes with a pantry, oven and hood sourced from Italian luxury brand, Camagni. Residents will also be spared from the hassle of loading and unloading heavy gas cylinders, as each apartment will be connected to a central gas system through gas pipes that combine convenience with high safety. So, you are good to go; you can start preparing meals even from the very first moment that you step into your new home at Aqua Vita!

Residents of Aqua Vita won’t have to worry about power cuts; there is a backup generator system installed in the tower to provide full emergency power to all apartments and their rooms along with all common areas, in case of a power cut in Hulhumale.

Each unit at Aqua Vita is a “smart apartment”. Equipped with a state-of-the-art smart home system from Fibaro. It is a small gateway designed to manage most aspects of your home. You can switch on and off your lights conveniently. You can control the temperature of the air-conditioning system with ease. The safety and security of your home belongings will be guaranteed. Use voice commands; just ask your smart home to do things through the system.

Aquavita's indoor gym, one of the many amenities offered to Aquavita's residences -- Photo: Aquavita

The comfort and convenience offered by your home will be elevated through the common facilities developed at Aqua Vita. There is swimming pool for an afternoon dip. You won’t have to go out to work out; just drop by at the in-property gym, which has the highest quality equipment and facilities. You won’t have to hunt for places to host parties and gatherings as there are conference facilities and a ballroom at the 14-storey tower. A club house offers you the chance to play and unwind with your family or friends.

With all these top-notch facilities and convenient services, Aqua Vita is your gateway to an elevated living experience. This is the perfect place to raise your family. The place to unwind and relax after a busy day at work. This is Aqua Vita; your home, that’s truly yours!

To enquire about your dream home, please call one of the following numbers 7288661, 7708866 or 7388866 during office hours.